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T/M 1
T/MB 2
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These tumble / mixers are table top units available in 2 options
Model T/M 1 accepts Bottles ( plastic or glass ) from 1 liter to 10 liter
Model T/MB 2 accepts 2 x stainless steel containers 13 liter

They are used for blending powders or granular materials to ensure that the sample is homogenized
and blended to laboratory requirement.

They can also be used in small production facilities where small quantities of material are needed to be homogenized and blended. Other uses are for blending fluxes at mine laboratories for furnace applications.

Material size 5mm down to powder.

Robustly constructed, powder coated, heavy duty

Control panel with on / off toggle switch 220Volt 50 Hz

Safety cage optional extra.

Electronic or mechanical Timer optional extra.

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