Geo Chem Soil Sample Packets

//Geo Chem Soil Sample Packets

Geo Chem Soil Sample Packets

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Sample packets are made from high quality wet strength BAYWHITE KRAFT paper.
With a self-seal wire to ensure your dry sample is kept safe.
Moisture can evaporate but the paper will remain intact.
Our geochemical envelopes can withstand severe heat up to 220 degrees – no damage to the paper, glue, or wire.
We have different sizes as stock items. Our range includes Flat Bottom Gusset. We do manufacture special sizes to suite your requirements.

We have the following sizes as stock items:

  • GEO Super Small 40 x 75mm
  • GEO Small 75 x 125mm
  • GEO S1 90 x 140mm
  • Special Spec 100 x 200mm
  • GEO Large 150 x 225mm
  • GEO F 80 x 100 x 50mm
  • GEO F2 150 x 90 x 50mm
  • GEO F1 180 x 140 x 100mm

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