Mobile Laboratories

At RSE Projects, we specialize in the design and manufacture of fully functional Mobile Laboratories that can be customized to the specific requirements of our clients. Whether implemented for temporary or permanent use, Mobile Laboratory Containers provide mobile solutions that allow for simplified and productive testing processes to be executed.

Designed to maximise use of space, high quality Mobile Laboratory Containers can be manufactured by our RSE Projects professionals in either 6 metre or 12 metre containers, depending on the specifications of the client. In order to allow for a comprehensive and turnkey Mobile Container Laboratory solution, we also supply locally and internationally procured laboratory equipment of the highest quality, aligned with modern industry standards. Our RSE Projects Containerised Laboratories boast robust strength and full mobility, allowing our valued clients the opportunity to benefit from timeous and efficient testing, regardless of the environment.

Our vast knowledge of world-class laboratory facilities has been obtained through firsthand experience, continuous research and the complete utilization of the best available applications, technologies and engineering advancements. Each Mobile Container Laboratory manufactured by RSE Projects is fitted with lab benches, chairs, sample and storage cupboards, electrical control panels and plug points (380 volts/220 volts 50 HZ), as well being designed with windows and air-conditioning for adequate aeration.

We work closely with each client to gain clear perspective of their required work conditions, as well as insight that ensures we provide a customized solution to enhance varied exploration or sampling implementations, within a clean and safe laboratory space. Our RSE Projects team always go the extra mile to simplify and strengthen the working processes of our clients, across a broad range of industries that include the mining, cement, pharmaceutical and good industries of South Africa.

We welcome you to contact us with your unique and specific Mobile Laboratory needs, and look forward to providing you with a one-stop RSE Projects solution. In addition to Mobile Laboratory Containers, we also offer expert services in Mining Industry Equipment, Food Industry Equipment and General Laboratory Equipment.

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