Personal Protection Equipment

Personal Protection Equipment

Our goal at RSE Projects has always been to provide the highest quality of goods and equipment that we can to our customers so that we can ensure they get the best results. As a trusted supplier of equipment for a variety of industries, RSE Projects have applied our high standard of quality to a sector that has become a priority more than ever before – Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Our clients can now choose from a range of high end PPE as well as general protection equipment that will help safeguard your staff.

When it comes to the protection of one’s staff there are certain standards and procedures that must be followed by all employees to maintain their personal safety as well as the safety of the workplace as a whole and these procedures have only become more strict with the rise of COVID-19. As a result, our clients can choose from RSE Projects new range of PPE that includes 3-ply face masks, protective face shields and non-contact infrared thermometers.

Our equipment is specifically designed and produced to ensure the safety of every individual in the workplace. For medical professionals that require more specific PPE, our team can supply high end equipment to disinfect medical equipment and sterilize medical waste to guarantee efficiency, quality and most importantly – safety.


Personal Protection Equipment by RSE Projects:

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