Human Meditek HMA 30 Plasma Sterilizer

//Human Meditek HMA 30 Plasma Sterilizer

Human Meditek HMA 30 Plasma Sterilizer

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The HMA-30 is a powerful and versatile table top Plasma Sterilizer. It is able to operate at low temperature with fast through put. The oil-less pump allows for quick sterilization cycles and low maintenance cost. Economical yet highly reliable, it is the ideal solution for operating rooms and low-volume facilities.

Easy operation using the full touch screen monitor.


Brand: Human Meditek
Model number: HMA 30
Usage/Application: Sterilization
Type of sterilizer: H2O2 Low temperature plasma sterilizer
Automation grade: Fully Automatic
Insulation wall: Single Wall
Cycle temperature: 55°C
Sterilizing agent: Hydrogen Peroxide (50%)
Dimensions: 430(H) x 245(W) x 720 (D) [mm]
Weight: 65Kg
Chamber: 245(H) x 245(W) x 565(D) [mm]
Capacity: 34 L
User interface: LCD Touch Screen Monitor
Sterilization process: Terminal sterilization. SAL of 10-6
Standards/Compliance: ISO 14937

Cycle Options

Non-Hollow Mode – 28 min – Quick Surface Sterilization
Hollow Mode – 38 min – Instruments with lumens
Container Mode – 48 min – Sealed instruments

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