R.S.E Rotary Cascade Splitters

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RSE Projects Rotary Cascade Splitters are used to divide laboratory samples into accurate and reproducible samples. Also referred to as spinning riffles or rotary sample dividers, rotary cascade splitters are the only reliable method for equal mass reduction of samples for laboratory analysis.

Used extensively in metallurgical and sample preparation laboratories, our rotary cascade splitters are robust and are designed to reduce material samplesto representative and equal volumes,the vibrating feeder is adjustable to suit flow of varied materials.

Other industries that the rotary cascade splitters can be used in the Agricultural, Universities, Colleges, Pharmaceuticals, Food manufacturers, Teaching facilities.


Stainless steel feed hopper with adjustable height
Stainless steel vibrating feed tray
Stainless Steel sample collection cups with handles
Plastic / glass collection bottles also available with lids
Vibrating feeder speed adjustable for accurate feed control
Bench top and floor standing models

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