R.S.E Sieve Shakers

R.S.E Sieve Shakers

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Locally manufactured and imported Laboratory Sieve Shakers




Sieve shakers are designed to separate fine from coarse materials.
Standard sieve analysis is probably the fastest and most widely used quality control procedure due to the simplicity.
Particle size distribution is critical to the way the material performs in use.

Sieve shakers consist of vibration mechanism housed in a base frame, enclosed with an upper free test sieve platform, clamp rods and clamping lid.
Sieve shakers separate materials from 150mm to 25 micron.

Sieve shakers are used in the food, chemical and mineral industries.

Sieve shakers are available in industrial heavy duty units or laboratory bench top model units.


A full range of test sieves are available as shown below.

Sizes 150mm diameter, 200mm diameter, 300mm diameter and 450mm diameter

Wet sieving attachment available

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