R.E.S Rolls Drive

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6 to 8 weeks from order date given.


12 months
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RM 1 – 500
RM 1 – 750
RM 1/2 – 1000
RM 1/3 – 1200



500ml capacity
1 litre capacity
2 litre capacity
5 litre capacity
7 litre capacity
10 litre capacity
12 litre capacity

Other milling vessels available on request

Locally manufactured Laboratory Rolls Drives with various milling vessels for mining material test work.

All the grinding vessels fabricated from stainless steel with various sample volumes as shown above.

Mild steel vessels rubberlined are also available on request.

Rolls drives in either bench top or floor standing models

A control panel is mounted to side of mill base frame which incorporates a start button, emergency stop button, internal overload protection switch, inverter to allow you to control the rotational speed of the rolls drive.

Optional is an electronic timer unit.

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