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Riffle sample splitters, also known as sample dividers with chutes, allow dividing of samples into two representative subsamples with good accuracy.


6,7mm x 20 slots
12,5mm x 20 slots
15mm x 20 slots
19mm x 20 slots
25mm x 20 slots
32mm x 20 slots
37,5mm x 20 slots
53mm x 14 slots

Other sizes available on request


Locally manufactured riffle sample splitters fabricated from either mild steel powder coated or 304 grade stainless steel.

Riffle sample splitter is the most universally used sampling device for preparing representative splits of dry, free flowing granular product.

The technique is rapid and the equipment is economical.

With riffle sample splitters, a homogenous, dry, free flowing sample is poured evenly into the feed hopper bin. The sample flows through the alternative arranged slots in opposite directions. This sample is collected in two collection bins positioned underneath the riffle.

This operation can be repeated as many times necessary until the required sample is obtained.

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