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28mm diameter single sample auger
34mm diameter single sample auger
38mm diameter single sample auger
40mm diameter single sample auger
50mm diameter single sample auger

28mm/25mm diameter double sample auger
38mm/34mm diameter double sample auger


The stainless steel sampling augers are used for sampling of dry ore materials and agriculture applications.

All above sample augers are for dry material sampling only

Sample materials are either collected in a single sample auger or a double sample auger. These collected samples are sent to a Laboratory for further testing as per requirements.

To determine the correct choice and selection of sample auger is dependent on your sampling requirement.
This is to confirm if you should use a single sample auger or a double sample auger to collect the sample for testing.

The choice of sampler is also determined on the material size in regards to the diameter size of sample auger.
If the material been sampled is fine and free flowing you need to consider a double sample auger to ensure alittle as possible of material lose during sampling.

The amounts of slots and the length of the sample auger is also dependant on and from where the sample is been taken to ensure best sample collection.

We manufacture the sample augers to customer’s requirements to ensure they get the correct auger for the work to be done.

Fabricated from either grades 304 or 316 stainless steel


Single sample auger or double sample auger

We also do wet sampling and information and pricing available on request

Please contact us to assist you in your correct selection of sample auger.

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