Water Purification Equipment

Water Purification Equipment

At RSE Projects, we pride ourselves on our reputation as expert laboratory equipment manufacturers and suppliers and the number one choice for top-quality water purification equipment. Our team greatly appreciates the necessity for top-quality water distillation in a laboratory environment, as impure water can compromise the accuracy and precision of experiments conducted.

To ensure unmatched service for our clients, RSE Projects has a range of water purification equipment available to meet your general laboratory needs for getting the desired amount of quality laboratory water at the desired level. Our water distillation systems are suited for municipality graded water for general laboratories and water supplied from boreholes for mobile laboratories; our mission is to meet your needs.

Our products include a standard wall mounted water distiller that produces high quality purified water from 6 litres/ hour up to 60 litres/ hour, a range of stainless steel water stills ranging from 4 litres/ hour up to 30 litres/ hour (available with or without storage tanks as per your request), and a storage tank with accessories that is available on request.

RSE Projects also offers a range of Deionizer and Reverse Osmosis systems. These include polishing per water tanks, a carbon block and fine filters, online membrane filters, a conductivity metre, pressure gauges, a mixed bed resin tank, a motorised pump unit, valves, piping and accessories. RSE Projects offers all you need in one convenient place!

With over 30 years of experience in the laboratory equipment manufacturing and supply industry, RSE Projects works closely with every client to meet their unique requirements while maintaining the necessary industry standards. In addition to water purification equipment, RSE Projects remains a trusted and respected laboratory manufacturer and supplier in the mining, food, cement and pharmaceutical industries in South Africa and across greater Africa.


Water Purification Equipment by RSE Projects:

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