Laboratory Equipment for the Food Industry in South Africa

Y - Blender for the Food Industry

RSE Projects is a trusted provider of reliable equipment for the food industry in South Africa. At RSE Projects, we supply and service sampling, process, water, and laboratory preparation equipment of the highest quality. Our clients get the benefit of choosing a range of the latest and technologically advanced machinery that allows all sample preparation practices in the food industry to be performed correctly.

Certain standards are required to be met by laboratories that are responsible for testing and evaluating products. With efficient and reliable equipment, these responsibilities and requirements can be achieved. At RSE Projects, we make sure that our clients are able to prepare the necessary materials for all sample preparations while having the correct material sample sizes for testing.

All of our equipment is designed with detail and precision to produce efficiency in the workplace. At RSE Projects, our team is also able to manufacture custom machinery and laboratory equipment for your industry. Areas in the Food Industry that work with us are Agricultural Research Institutes, Agricultural Farming Companies, University Agricultural Departments, Tiger Foods and brands, African Products, Forestry, Monsanto and the Grain industry of South Africa. We pride ourselves on excellent service and machinery that exceeds your expectations.

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